Mid-Michigan Marine Club
MMMC is a non profit charitable organization covering the Greater Lansing area. Our club is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of both captive and wild reefs. In doing so, we hope to promote the preservation our world’s coral reefs and increase enthusiasm toward responsible reef keeping.

Further, the Club is dedicated through its charitable activities to promote the education, conservation and scientific education of K-12 grade students through the use of marine aquariums in the classrooms. It is our goal to increase enthusiasm for scientific and raise general appreciation for reef ecosystems. The future of our coral reefs depends on next generation of stewards of our world.

Grand Rapids Marine Aquarium Society
GRMAS is a club dedicated to sharing knowledge among hobbyists interested in keeping marine aquariums. GRMAS works to educate members on conversation of reefs and salt water inhabitants. Promote and educate members about sustainable collections and how we as hobbyist have an impact on sustainable collections.

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