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“*****Be sure to read the fine print below the layout. *******


In addition to the booth cost, each vendor is expected contribute at least one item toward the clubs’ fund raising raffle. MMMC uses the proceeds from this event to fund their activities including the classroom reef tank project.

We’ve made a bit of a contest of the raffle among other vendors.  The vendor with the most raffle tickets in their donation’s bucket will have their table refunded and an option for 6 months free advertising on CaptiveReefs.

Here’s how the raffle going to work… we will provide raffle container(s) to each vendor. The vendor will keep the coral (or item) they are going to “donate” to the raffle effort at their table. This will help assure that attendees make it around to all vendors and check out the raffle. To provide additional incentive to you the vendor to provide a nice prize and help promote the raffle, the vendor with the most tickets in their container will receive a refund for their table (one table only). As a vendor you can enter more than one prize if you feel that will increase your odds of winning the table refund. If you have multiple items, we will aggregate your tickets into one count for the purposes of determining how many tickets you got. Also as we announce the raffle winner, we will move around the vendor hall to each table and make a drawing. This should help with moving the crowd around for additional sales opportunities toward the end of the swap. The goal of this raffle is to increase sales throughout the swap. Its intended that your participation will help you make more money at the swap.


Maximum water volume per table: 30 gallons (or 15 gallons per half table), unless you provide your own stand. Note that half tables cannot provide their own stand since they are half of a banquet table…the other half of the table will need to be in place for the neighboring vendor.

Maximum power per table: 300 watts max. (e.g.,100 watt heater, 200 watts lighting)

Make sure your equipment is in good working order and not a safety hazard.

Bring your own extension cords. All cords must be clear of walkways or securely taped to avoid tripping.

Note if you are conducting business other than selling corals or reef related dry goods, you must let provide notification of the nature of your business. Failure to disclose could result in your removal from the swap without a refund.

Sharing of tables is not allowed unless given prior authorization.

NOTE: If your setup causes damage to the hall, contents of the hall, or others, you may be responsible for damages. Please be sure your setup is sturdy and safe.